stump grinder

Kanga Terminator Stump Grinder

Pictured is our Kanga stump grinder, it has Honda a 690cc V-Twin engine direct drive and can fit through 1m gates. It has a seperate engine to drive the cutter wheel so it's pretty efficient at removing stumps. This one has been modified to deliver approx 30% more power than the standard ones from Kanga.

Stump grinding debris is raked back over the hole, it's a mixture of sawdust and soil and can be used as mulch. We dont take this away with us unless specified prior.

Fast Simple and Easy

Pictured is a deep grind on what was a large cuban royal palm. Don't bust your tools or worse, yourself, trying to dig out a stump and leave a dirty great crater to be filled! Call or text us and get an approximate price. We can whiz by and remove that stump, simple and easy.

terminator stump grinder
fig stump

Fig Tree Stump

The fig tree was cut down leaving a stump to be removed. Whilst services like Dial Before You Dig and council records are available they dont in all instances show exactly where those service are and at times show nothing at all. If you are totally unsure then you'll need to contract a pipe location organisation etc who can test to locate the services as well as the approximate depth. Often as houses age and maintenance takes place service are replaced and moved no longer where they were say 30 years ago.

Stump Grinding Fig Stump

In the process of grinding out the stump, not too much more to go. Stump grinding is no guarantee that termites will not infest the area as in many instances, roots, debris or timber may remain in the ground. We recommend you to consult a pest controller.

stump grinding fig
Rayco narrow access machine

Rayco RG25 Narrow Access

The Rayco machine is narrower and will get through 750mm wide gates, it has a powerful 25hp Kohler engine and self propelled but does require the operator to manually grind the stump by sweeping side to side. It weighs 270kg so lifting it up is not an option.